About Us: Ashley & Kelly

Ashley and Kelly met in 2016 when Ashley took an outdoor yoga class with Kelly. The two connected over their love of wellness and they formed an instant friendship. 

Both women have a unique journey and background that helped shape Mini Wellness Retreats into what it is today.


Learn more about the founders below:  


Ashley Rodrigue, co-founder of Mini Wellness Retreats by MOVE MIX MINGLE, is a mother of two and has always enjoyed participating in sports such as running, gymnastics, and horseback riding. A graduate of the University of Maine with an MBA in Marketing, Ashley has worked in the technology industry for over ten years in the Health & Sciences sector. She has collaborated with many Fortune 500 companies on personalized approaches to health and wellness, underpinned by state-of-the art technologies.


Ashley discovered yoga after she entered the corporate world with a full-time career. She fell in love with it as a method to relieve stress and keep her body fit. When her career started to require frequent travel, she took advantage of the opportunity to explore different yoga styles around the world.


DIY has always been another way for Ashley to release stress. She’s always felt joy and a sense of accomplishment when making things, which became the inspiration behind the “Mix” in Mini Wellness Retreats. Ashley truly enjoys offering events and experiences that make people feel good and inspire them to make health and wellness a priority in their lives.

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Kelly Higgins Todd, co-founder of Mini Wellness Retreats by MOVE MIX MINGLE, holds a Master’s degree in Health Education. She has always enjoyed physical activities such as swimming, softball and skiing. Kelly’s love of wellness and compassion for others makes her classes both accessible and fun. For over ten years, Kelly worked as Health Teacher at Chappaqua CSD before making the decision to stay at home with her three children.


After beginning her yoga journey in college, Kelly became dedicated to the practice during prenatal classes, when she learned a true appreciation for what the body does for you. She completed three levels of children’s yoga training with Little Flower Yoga in New York City, 200 hour RYT from Sol Full Yoga in Monroe, and trained under Christine DiDomenico as a Bars Practitioner.


Being a mom has taught Kelly continued lessons about love, patience, and the importance of wellness. She understands that you do the best you can with what you have, and she takes this non-judgmental approach into her teaching. Her love of wellness and compassion for others makes her classes both accessible and fun. Kelly loves the mutual learning from her students and believes that our Health is the common thread that connects us all.  She is grateful for the opportunity to create experiences that nurture physical, social and mental health.