About Us: Mini Wellness Retreats

Wellness affects everything you do. A sound body and mind are essential to leading a full and rewarding life.


We believe that wellness brings people together regardless of their background or status. Our health is the common thing that connects us all.


At MOVE MIX MINGLE, we plan and organize events that give participants a renewed sense of priority for their wellness in a social environment. Our events are fun, healthy experiences that promote all-around well-being.


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Each PUBLIC event follows the MOVE MIX MINGLE format of group movement, guided DIY, and social/dining period. Typical event activities include yoga, pilates, hiking, meditation, making lip balm or jewelry, followed by delicious food and drink. 

PRIVATE Retreats are customizable they do not have to follow the same format as public events.


Mini Wellness Retreats are perfect for everything from gatherings of friends to team building/employee appreciation days. We offer Public Events, Private Retreats, Corporate Retreats, and our Boutique of Favorites, which features carefully selected, healthy products that we stand behind.


"It was everything we hoped for and more!." - Lauryn & Kaitlyn, Owner of a Private Therapy Center in New York

Who we are: We offer wellness experiences that are designed to leave you feeling physically, mentally, and socially rejuvenated.


What we do: We offer Public Events, Private Parties, Corporate Retreats, and a Wellness Boutique.


Why we do it: We believe that wellness is the most important part of your life, because it impacts everything you do.


We strive to cultivate an inclusive atmosphere that makes event attendees feel welcome, irrespective of background or fitness level. Participants can move at their own pace, without pressure. This relaxed and friendly environment is ideal for achieving a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. Our wellness retreats inspire you to take part in your wellness, relax, learn, socialize, and have fun.

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