Move Mix Mingle Experience

We are excited to introduce our newest addition, the Move Mix Mingle Experience! This home delivered gift is specially curated by Ashley & Kelly to bring you a Move Mix Mingle experience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Have the inspiration and everything you need to create a moment of wellness delivered to your door!

Find some time alone, arrange a small gathering (with people from your bubble) or set up a call with others and enjoy a wellness experience together (suggested time, 2 hours). This experiential box will follow our in-person retreat format and is designed to bring a renewed sense of wellness in your space. 


Included will be an opportunity to move, create and connect with others - all customized to the theme of the box.


  • The ‘Move’ section will direct you to our website for a customized class such as Yoga, Pilates, etc. Any additional materials needed to enhance the experience will be included.

  • The ‘Mix’ is a moment for you to roll up your sleeves and create through a guided DIY activity.

  • For the 'Mingle' portion you will receive some enjoyable treats and an opportunity to connect with others.


As always you can expect a unique wellness favor. These items are our personal favorites - a gift to keep that after-retreat zen going! 


Each Box is specially curated to give you the 'Move Mix Mingle' experience in the comfort & safety of your home - the perfect wellness treat for yourself or others.

This experience is the perfect gift or addition to a girls day in.

Over a $90 value for $49.99

+ $6 Shipping & Handling. US Shipping Only.

Each edition will be unique, themed and a great way to surprise yourself or a friend.


*There are a limited number of boxes each edition.*

We believe that everyone needs a moment. We look forward to offering an experience that you can fit into your schedule. We hope that you will feel a sense of accomplishment and rejuvenation. Be well, 

~Ashely & Kelly


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We would like to thank the following businesses for their continued support to share wellness and their

contributions to a Move Mix Mingle Experience. 


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Feb 2021: @HappyNotesBook @simplyspiritualdesigns  @kim_n_skin  @yellow_rosedesigns  @limelioncreative @bbstonehousefarms


Each experience features businesses that support our mission. To find out how to be included in our next experience please contact us.


*Disclaimer:  These are our personal opinions.  We are not doctors, just wellness enthusiast who love to find good deals and products we love without all the junk.  We believe in the the gift of wellness and support people finding some time for self care.